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Service your vehicles brakes withProgressive Auto Care

Progressive Auto Care offers full brake service and repair solutions to maintain and improve your vehicles safety whilst ensuring smooth and quiet braking. Our mechanics are experts on braking systems and our workshop is equipped with the latest brake repair and testing equipment, including a SafeTstop wheel alignment, suspension and brake analyser.

We will always keep you well informed as to the status of your brakes and make recommendations as necessary. Our network of suppliers ensures we only use quality parts for brake servicing and repairs whilst remaining competitive on price.

Our brake service includes:

Brake Service

How do I know if my brakes need a service?

If you have any doubt about the condition of your brakes, you should seek an inspection immediately or you may be putting your safety at risk. Some of the major signs that your brakes are due some maintenance include:

Brake SystemRepairs

Our team can work through any braking problem from pad replacement to troubleshooting complex ABS systems. Some of these services include:

Why should I chooseProgressive Auto Carefor brake servicing & repairs?

We are a highly experienced and long-established repair center and have the latest tools, diagnostic equipment, and technology to carry out your brake system service to the highest specifications. Collectively, our team has over 110 years’ experience within the industry. We also have our own SafeTstop machine so we can be absolutely positive your brakes are tested and safe before your car leaves our workshop. Click HERE to learn more about our SafeTstop machine.

Frequently AskedQuestions

To have a properly functioning braking system is very crucial for the driver’s safety and early detection is the key to maintaining your brakes performance. Ideally, it is wise to get your brakes inspected at each 6 monthly service and certainly at the first signs of a brake problem. In addition to that, routine checkups provide you with a chance to detect small repairs as compared to more costly ones at a later time. 

When the brake pads are worn out excessively, their “wear indicators” touch the disc brake rotor. When this occurs, the sensors produce that high pitched noise to warn you about your cars braking system and that they need immediate attention. 

Factors such as traffic congestion, abusive braking, and dusty weather can all cause unwanted brake noise. These conditions promote glazing or crystallization of the brake pad surface, causing it to harden and make that squeaking noise. It is essential to get the braking system evaluated by an expert. One faulty part can lead to a chain reaction of failures in other components, which must be detected before a complete failure of the brake system occurs. 

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