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Suspension Service

Service your vehicles suspension withProgressive Auto Care

Your cars suspension is responsible for keeping your car in firm contact with the road, whilst providing a smooth and comfortable ride. Suspension issues inevitably arise over time with many of the components needing replacement at regular intervals. Failure to properly maintain your suspension can affect steering and braking which can result in an accident.

Progressive Auto Care are suspension experts, and will properly inspect all components including shock absorbers, springs, ball joints, tie rod ends and suspension bushes. We will discuss any repairs with you and then carry out the repairs required to return the suspension to top condition. 

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How do I know if my suspension needs a service?

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, it’s important to turn to the professionals. Progressive Auto Care can diagnose issues and replace all suspension components as necessary to make your vehicle smooth and safe again.

Utilise SafeTstop machine to check suspension recoil and ride comfort, optimising brake performance. The integrated weigh bridge allows us to aid customers in balancing their loads and checking gross vehicle mass. 

Why should I chooseProgressive Auto Careto service my suspension?

We are a highly experienced and long-established repair center and have all the right tools, diagnostic equipment and experience to carry out your suspension service to the highest specification. Collectively, our team has over 110 years’ experience within the industry. Our reputable network of suppliers ensure only quality parts are used during the service, all at competitive prices.

During your suspension service, we comprehensively test your vehicle on our SafeTstop machine to ensure proper braking safety and performance, wheel alignment and suspension imbalances. 

Frequently AskedQuestions

Yes we do have a loan car available which you can pre book. This is charged at a flat rate of 20c/km. 

There are a few common suspension problems our workshop constantly see and fix straight away. 

  • Wheel alignment issues, customers steering is not aligned correctlly.
  • OE rubber bushings are worn or broken and need to be replaced.
  • Shock absorbers need to be replaced 
  • Wrong suspension component was installed and needs to be replaced
  • A suspension component was installed and no wheel alignment was done
  • New tyres where installed with no wheel alignment done 
  • Suspension was never inspected by a suspension specialist
  • Illegal lift kits are installed on 4WDs 
  • The wrong lift kit springs have been installed onto a 4WD, messing up the vehicles ride height 

When a car is difficult to steer and visible tyre wear can be seen. 

We recommend about once every 12 months and you should get a suspension check or service done every 6 months.

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